These are horrible times and we will work with you to ensure we can overcome any eventuality.  

First of all – If you make a booking and pay a deposit – and we are not able to be open due to the Government guidelines, we will offer you a choice of swapping to another time (subject to availability) or giving you your money back. 

If you choose to move your booking and it is during a period that attracts a higher rate unfortunately you will have to pay the difference.  We will consider every case individually and treat you with care and respect to fit in with your plans and do our upmost to accommodate you in a fair manner.

We recommend that you take our holiday insurance, not just for Covid but for all the other eventualities that life can throw at you. 

If you contract Covid 19 or have Covid symptoms prior to your holiday, and are unable to attend, we will do our best to sell your holiday space.  If we are able to do so, we will seek to reimburse your money.  Again we want to treat you honestly and fairly and will work with you to accommodate a change of date.  Unfortunately if the property stands empty we may have to make a charge for your booking. 

In addition to the reassurance of your booking, we have undertaken a risk assessment and can assure you of the following:-

  • Hand sanitiser is provided for you on arrival.
  • We ask that you ensure you wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser or hand wash when returning to the cottage.
  • We will provide a link to a guide about the Cottage and how to use the appliances etc (dishwasher, washing machine, TV’s etc). There will be a printed version for you to use in the cottage, but we are trying to reduce the contact you will need to have with paperwork.
  • Bed linen and towels are changed after every visit and washed on a hot wash. 
  • We will wipe all high touch points with disinfectant between each visit. This will include items like the external key safe, door handles, taps and the toilet flush.
  • We are using a air and surface anti bacterial mist between visits which eliminates 99.999% of germs and bacteria. We will use this to mist over the TV remote controls.
  • We rotate the duvet and pillows between visits. These are kept under the beds in a plastic cover. Please can you leave them zipped up. We would recommend that you bring your own pillows. Ours have pillow protectors and the clean linen, but if you are like me, nothing can compare to my own pillow! 
  • On leaving the property we ask that you remove the duvet cover and pillow cases and leave them, along with your towels and tea towels in the laundry bag that is provided. You will find the laundry bag in the laundry basket in the bathroom. Pleas leave the filled bag in the bath. We leave your linen for 72 hours before washing it.
  • If we or the cleaning staff experience any symptoms of Covid prior to your visit, we will notify you accordingly. We also ask that if you experience any symptoms in the 14 days before your holiday or at any time during the stay you notify us immediatley.