Fire Place & Beams In Derbyshire

Weekend in Bakewell Holiday Cottage

If you are looking for a place to stay in Derbyshire that has old beams and a fire place you have found the right cottage.  Bakewell Cottage is full of original features giving it a charm and character.  

One of the best feature of this cottage is it’s location.  It ticks all the boxes for an excellent vacation in the Peak District.  Not only does it have a log burner but within a few short steps, you are in the centre of the lovely town of Bakewell.  So you have shops, bars, restaurants, and takeaways less than 5 minutes walk.

We know that the cottage was built by 1799, which means we know that the cottage is at least 222 years old. On looking around Bakewell, the stonework is similar in style to cottages that were built during the 1730’s and 1740’s.  This would make the cottage almost 300 years old.   If only we could hear some of the conversations that took place under the beams and in front of the fire place.

We have only owned the cottage for a short time and much of that time has been during lockdown, so many of the libraries have been closed.  It is our intention to see if we can find out more about the age of the beams and the fire place over the coming months.

Some of the other original features include a salt cupboard.  In the time before the refrigerator,  salt was an expensive item which was used to preserve food.  The salt cupboard is next to the fire in the cottage and is now home to the TV.  In times gone by salt was kept here to keep it dry. There is also another cupboard in the wall upstairs.  We are unsure what the purpose this cupboard served, but we have also made good use of this original feature and it is now home to a digital safe.

Whilst renovating the cottage during 2020, we uncovered the brick wall in the bedroom.  The plaster was falling away from the wall and was beyond repair.  It was our intention to replaster the wall, but it was so beautiful when it was uncovered that we used traditional methods to repair the wall and leave it exposed.

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