The Ducklings Room

Bakewell cottage bedroom1

A room themed on the ducks on the River Wye in Bakewell.

The Ducklings bedroom is a single bedroom at the cottage.  It also has exposed beams. The bedroom is themed after the ducks at Bakewell. Take a walk down by the River Wye only 5 minutes from the cottage and you will soon be amongst the ducks, There is a bedside unit which also has a duck themed light. This is a lovely warm and cozy bedroom.

The Ducklings room has a full sized single bed, with a TV. The TV also has a DVD player. The room is carpeted and has a new double glazed window that can be opened either from the top or bottom. Children obviously need to be supervised when opening the windows.

This room also a nightlight torch which has a movement sensor. It will act as a torch in the event of a power cut. A set of draws and hooks provide space for your clothes.

The room is themed on ducks which Bakewell is well known for.

Bakewell cottage bedroom2
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